My name is Zech Richardson, a never-ending learner, aspiring developer, and enthusiastic nerd.
I enjoy all things STEM but I am actively working on advancing my career in technology.
I have officially been working in the field of Information Technology since 2016, starting with general Help Desk support shortly before advancing to Applications and Systems Administration.
I have some beginner experience with Javascript and Python, mostly from small home projects, although I have decided that I want further improve myself in these areas, as well as expand more into other languages.
I am currently working as a systems engineer which has been an incredible venture wherein I have learned so much including to but not limited to: Ruby, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes.
I enjoy tinkering and following the MAKE community. My preference is Raspberry Pi's, which is where I really began to fall in love with Linux.
Outside of tech, I also enjoy playing games, woodworking, and tennis.
I will reserve this section for fun things that I would like to share. (Hint: Press F12)
Contact me at